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Anupam Industries Limited was established in 1973 by technocrat turned entrepreneur Mr. J. C. Patel with the vision to be the most successful and respected crane manufacturer across different industrial segments with high-end quality and perfection. Today we are the largest overhead crane supplier in India with manufacturing capability of 45000TPA (ton per annum).

We manufacture wide range of cranes in India for various applications to meet the requirements of core sectors in India and abroad - Steel, Power, Construction, Cement, Shipyard, Fertilizer and Petrochemical, Heavy & General Engineering. Within a span of 39 years we are proud to have supplied and commissioned more than 5000 cranes up to 500T capacity, and the number is steadily growing. We have the capability to take care single contract up to 150 million US $ with execution span of 18 to 24 months.


CFS is the place where containers are stuffed, de-stuffed and aggregation/segregation of export/import cargo takes place. With the growing volume of trade, the need for quick clearances of goods at the port has been gaining importance. Accordingly, the concept of CFS has grown in importance along with the development and growth of ports. A CFS is an extended arm of Port/ICD where import/export goods are kept till completion.

At the CFS, normally the containers are handled by Reach Stacker on average of 20 moves/hour. Considering the available soil strength and economics for improvement of soil strength, staking height at CFS of standard ISO container is restricted to one over three to four. There is no definite organized plan for staking of container at many CFS and many times one ISO container undergoes 4-5 time handling before completion. ANUPAM launches low value and highly reliable RTG Cranes, as an option to Reach Stacker.

ANUPAM wins order worth approx. 400 million INR from NAVKAR CORPORATION LTD. for supply and commissioning of 6 nos. Single Layer RTG Cranes.