We have six state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility strategically located in and around Anand, Gujarat, India, committed to built-in quality achieved by quality assurance systems, advanced manufacturing processes and continuous training in manufacturing practices, safety and quality issues.

Capacity enhancement under Joint Venture with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd, Japan, spread over 300,000 sq. m area, is underway to manufacture port cranes viz. ship to shore cranes (RMQC & RMGC), RTGs and bulk material handling systems such as continuous ship unloaders, grab bucket unloaders, stackers, reclaimers, stacker-cum-reclaimers & ship loaders near Ananad, Gujarat, India. We are also setting up a sea-front facility spread over 120,000 sq. m area for assembly and load out of port cranes and gantry unloaders.

Summarized Manufacturing Infrastructure
Total Work Area 60,000 sq. m
Office + Open Area 50,000 sq. m
Manufacturing Capacity 30000 TPA (Fab) / 45000 TPA (Assembled)
(Spread over 6 units including expansion)
Aggregated Employee Strength 1200+
Max. Handling Capacity 150T & 16 m ht.
Aggregated Raw Material Storage Area 15000 sq. m
Assembled Cranes
Sl.No. Crane Capacity Span Cranes/Month Cranes/Year
1 <= 100T EOT 20m-25m 13-15 cranes 160-180 cranes
2 >100T to 250T EOT
>250T to 350T EOT
20m-25m 9-10 cranes
5-6 crane
100-120 cranes
60-72 cranes
3 >350T to 500T EOT
>250T to 500T Ladle
30m-35m 3-4 cranes
2-3 crane
36-48 cranes
24-36 cranes