India's major infrastructure is built with ANUPAM construction cranes. With our commitment to safe and sustainable production we lead by example in the infrastructure sector in manufacturing construction cranes. Our customers come back to us with repeat orders due to our highest quality standards and superb after sales service.

Portal/Goliath/Gantry Cranes

Range: Double Girder and Single Girder Portal/Goliath/Gantry Cranes up to 500T capacity

We design and manufacture construction cranes such as portal/goliath/gantry cranes as per our customer requirement for various industrial applications like shipping, construction, power, material handling, water gate handling, etc. Depending on the capacity & application, we design the cranes as single girder or double girder and also as per the requirements of our customers.

Tower Cranes

Our association with the leading European tower crane manufacturer – ALFA SRL of Italy, has placed us in a strategic position to provide extensive range of tower cranes for the ever growing building industry with high rise constructions across the globe. Tower cranes manufactured by ALFA, are not only acclaimed worldwide as the best, but represent the synthesis of the most advanced technology in tower cranes. ANUPAM-ALFA tower cranes are CE certified adhering to the European Safety Standards.

  • Alfamatic
  • Citymatic
  • Hydromatic
  • Skymatic
Some Of Our Clients: