We have created a formidable presence in the steel industry. It is due to our deep understanding of this industry gathered over many years of experience to deliver proven solutions. ANUPAM cranes handle more than 15 million tons of liquid/hot metal and finish products.

Our cranes and components are designed for M7/M8 duty applications, with necessary temperature de-rating factor, applicable for steel plant environments and operations. Our remarkable range is not only of the highest quality, but also built with a strong commitment to safe and sustainable production.

We supply various types of cranes for different applications to the integrated steel plants. Due to our constant focus on up-gradation of design innovation and manufacturing capabilities, we are now able to offer you ladle cranes of more than 500T capacity.

We have successfully installed various steel mill duty cranes for a variety of applications:
  • Hot Metal Handling Ladle Cranes: Four Girder/Double Girder
  • Charging Cranes: Four Girder/Double Girder
  • Casting Cranes: Four Girder/Double Girder
  • Coil Handling Cranes
  • Grabbing Cranes
  • Scrap Handling/Magnet Cranes
  • Finish Products Handling/Magnet Cranes: Rotating Beam and Rotating Trolley
  • Steel Mill Duty – Auxiliary Cranes
Some Of Our Clients:
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