Ladle/Charging Cranes

Range: Double Girder and Four Girder Ladle Cranes, Forging cranes and Charging Cranes up to 500T

Paramount design & technologically superior Anupam ladle cranes and charging cranes are successfully operating at many steel plants. The satisfaction of our clients has helped us establish a strong reputation as the preferred supplier. We manufacture range ladle cranes for various applications in the steel industry. We customise and recommend the perfect solution to our clients after making a thorough analysis of their plant. If require, we can design and deliver higher capacity cranes as well.

  • State-of-the-art design confirms to international standards
  • For main hoist mechanism, we provide four motor drives through two inbuilt planetary gearboxes, so that in case of failure of one set of motors, the other set shall be utilised to handle the hot metal ladle with rated load at half the speed
  • No free fall / over-speeding of the load in case of any mechanical failure on any part of the driving system in-between motor & rope drum
  • In the event of failure of any three motors, the lowering operation can be completed with a single motor at half the speed
  • No emergency brake on rope drum flange; hence minimum hook approach and headroom
  • State-of-the-art control features with modern automation technology help guide the operator in precise placement and safe transport of the load
  • All parts of Anupam Ladle cranes mechanical and electrical equipment are designed so that they are easily accessible from permanent service platforms for adjustment, lubrication, inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Charging cranes are designed to operate comfortably in the heat intense environment ensuring smooth transportation of molten iron and steel
  • Design capability for higher lifting capacity for infrequent maintenance tasks such as lifting the furnace shell
  • Safety and better productivity are ensured with advanced automation options